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Pardon the dust! Matt's currently updating and revamping this site. 2013 was a busy year with commercial clients such as the NCAA, and feature films Divergent and Fast & Furious 7, and 2014 has showed no signs of slowing.

As soon as he gets a vacation, he'll have the site up and running. Until then, here's an updated bio and a preview of the new style.


Matt Wallach grew up a "set baby" in Chicago, Illinois, becoming the youngest working production assistant in the city at 2 years old. Some found it funny, others were baffled, and the rest felt it was cruel. His mother deemed it "good exposure."

It's hard to argue against the colloquial "Mom knows best" when she's a producer and her kid's first words were "triple grande half-caf Americano with room."

Matt has come a long way since then. He is a member of IATSE Local 600, working locally in both sweet home Chicago and Los Angeles as a Digital Imaging Technician. He fell in love with color and jumped at the opportunity to work with EFILM and Company 3's dailies platform, EC3. After assisting various dailies colorists across several shows, he began leading projects and timing dailies himself.

Matt takes pride in his work ethic and positive attitude. He knows his way around a set, cameras, software, and hardware. He can ensure integrity of the image thanks to a deep understanding of the dailies and DI process and being able to communicate with post, leaving the Director of Photography free to focus on what's being created now rather than worrying over the end result.


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